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Breaking News : American LaFrance Fire Apparatus Closes Doors

american_lafrance_lolo_1 has confirmed that American LaFrance LLC (Fire Apparatus Builders)  based in Moncks Corner, Pimlico and Ephrata Pa have CLOSED their DOORS today @ 5pm. Telling employees they are closed and not to return next week, we have reached out to Patriarch Partners the Parent Company of ALF for comment, we will bring more news as soon as we can confirm more details. Estimates are over 150 people are out of a job today due to these actions.




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  • Ed Murphy

    The same thing they did in Elmira New York in the 70s

  • Brian

    They should string Lynn Tilton up by her proverbial balls. Way to ruin another great company as in LTI in Ephrata, Pa. Another example of greedy corporate America.

  • JPBailey

    Not the first or last casualty of a miserable economy. Before 2007 US fire departments bought about 5500 or so trucks each year. That number is closer to 3500/year now, so there’s obviously not enough business to keep everyone afloat. Sad for the hard working folks in the plants, sad for a proud name in the history of the fire service.

  • Mike

    This is not due to the bad economy, Lynn Tilton has been doing this for years, she runs one of the biggest pyramid schemes in corporate America. I hope the employees rake her over the coals in court for as much as they can get. The world we be a better place with Tilton being broke so she cant ruin other peoples lives.

  • Inapoa

    I believe Lynn Tilton turned SC plant into a corporate management training facility, then charged ALF for the use of Patriarch Partners “elite”. I use the elite term loosely.

  • Rich Hutchison

    Why would any corporation close the doors on a profitable business?
    Don’t corporations like money?

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