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Joint Base Charleston Fire Chief Court Martial Trial Held Today

FIREFIGHTER-150x150Charleston, SC-  1/23/14- The pending Special Court Martial trial for Chief Master Sergeant Joe Derrick (Joint Base Charleston Fire Chief) was held today at the Charleston Air Force Base. During the Court Martial, Derrick plead guilty to Article 112 A- Wrongful use of Schedule I-II, OR III drugs and failed numerous drug test’s.  At the conclusion of the court martial hearing, Derrick was demoted to the the rank of E-6, sentenced  to four months in the Navy Brig and then confined to the base for three months.  Derrick must also forfeit $2000 in pay.  Derrick remained in the custody of Joint Base Charleston Military Police.


Previous Story:

CHARLESTON SC- 10/14/13- has learned that the Joint Base Charleston Fire Department (Fire Chief) Chief Master Sergant Joe Derrick has been removed from command of the Fire Department and re-assigned to the Civil Engineering Office pending an investigation.  The Air Force will conduct a Special Court Martial trial date beginning January 22, 2014 at Charleston AFB, South Carolina.  Derrick has been charged with the following- Article 112 A- Wrongful use of Schedule I-II, OR III drugs- Resource- The Judge Advocate General Corps- United States Air Force.  Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Charleston Air Force Base Public Affairs at 843-963-5608.

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  • Ray Porter

    As a former fire chief at Charleston, I am sickened by this mans actions. He has brought a black eye to Charleston and the entire career field. I pray that no others will stoop this low ever again.

    • Scott

      I agree Chief ! The man got off lucky. Charleston was my first base.

    • Randall Benefield

      If I recall the regulations correctly, under the pre 1980’s rule, anyone punitively demoted will be retired under final grade and pay. This should cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement pay. That rule is why you often here of a retirement eligible individual having a sudden retirement following an incident. By his commander not offering a retirement in lieu of punishment, they sent a very clear signal that this type of action would not be tolerated.

  • Dave Shingleton Jr.

    Sounds like he got off pretty easy, Where’s the Big Chicken Dinner at?

  • Matt D™

    Don’t want to make an example of him I guess. Rank still has it’s privileges! If that was an E-4 they would have been kicked out! I don’t understand why he wasn’t.

    • Brash

      He was a Chief, meaning he’s been in for a bit, probably over 20. Pretty sure high year tenure will kick him out so don’t worry.

      • hawaiiguy32

        Bit he still gets a decent retirement check and full bennies for multiple drug test failures. He should be setting the example.

    • Brian

      You got that pegged. I got the boot for bouncing four checks…

  • Scott

    What a dip stick. This man certainly put a black eye on the fire protection folks there. He got off lucky.

  • hawaiiguy32

    Why was he not busted all the way down since it was multiple drug test failures? Anyone lower ranking would have been.

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