The Fire Apparatus of McCrady Training Center

Columbia, SC – This past week photojournalist Jason Prescott was invited to McCrady Training Center (Formerly Camp McCrady) in Richland County, home of the South Carolina Army National Guard.

Some of the units housed there are standard of daily military operations and readiness, among those units are the 264th, 266th and 268th Engineering Detachments. All 3 units are made up of National Guardsmen and women that do 1 weekend a month, 2 weeks a year to serve their Country and the Palmetto State as MOS 21M, Army Fire Fighters. They operate a unique variety of Equipment including a Frontline Engine, a Support Tanker, and a Rescue Truck. The Engine and Tanker are Based off the Army Hemitt 8×8 Cab and Chassis built by Oshkosh the Body work to make it a Fire Apparatus was completed by Oshkosh’s subsidiary Pierce MFG.  The Engines are equipped with pumps of capable of 1000 gallons per minute, a water tank of 1000 gallons and foam cell of 120 gallons. A crew of 6 personnel staffs an Engine Company. The Tankers have pumps capable of 500 gallons per minute, water tank capacity 2500 gallons, and a 60 gallon foam cell. A 2 man crew operates the tankers. The Rescues are Hummers with rescue tools on board and crewed by 2 members.

The Engineering Detachment has gone on many deployments including a recent one to Romania to help establish a Fire Department at an Airfield. Many of the combat troops deployed to the Middle East have stopped at this airfield as they traveled in and out of various parts of the middle east. Also during last year’s historic flooding these members were assigned to help supplement various units through the Columbia metro area while several of their own apparatus were utilized as well.

Also on the post is a DOD department that provides Fire Protection to the base as well as running auto-aid to Columbia and Fort Jackson. They operate 2 structural pumpers and share their house with a Richland County Medic Unit.

To learn more about this unit and keep up with what they do abroad as well as here in the palmetto state check them out at South Carolina Army National Guard Firefighters also check out photographer Jason Prescott’s Flame Warrior Photography page.


Photo Credit: Jason Prescott – Staff.


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