Viral Video: Charleston Ladder 104 Navigating Tight Downtown Streets


Hook and Ladder 104, Colt Roy Photo

Charleston, SC – If you have ever ventured into historic Charleston, you know that it is no secret how tight the streets are. In a town that was built long before the horseless carriage, when the first pumpers, or “enjines” were pulled by men, and later horses it would have been unthinkable to maneuver a 100 foot aerial through some of those spaces. But that changed in 2014 when the City of Charleston purchased Ladder 104, also known as “Hazel.” Since then the city has purchased a second tiller that was put in service earlier this year, Ladder 101 is a 2017 Pierce Arrow XT Tiller that is housed in Daniel’s Island.

This video, shared by Steve Crothers of really does a phenomenal job of showing exactly how well these rigs can maneuver the tight downtown Charleston streets. As you can see in the video, there is more than just the streets that effects the maneuvering of the truck, but everything from parked cars to traffic signs can become obstacles that the drivers must coordinate their actions in order to avoid. With the addition of Ladder 101, Charleston Firefighters are also able to utilize these same skills in some of the very tightly developed areas of Daniel’s Island.



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