Early Morning Cargo Train Derailment in Lugoff

Chief Ray


Lugoff, S.C. (Saturday August 5, 2017  5:00 A.M.) – (Initial Release) Around 1 AM Saturday August 5, Lugoff Fire crews were dispatched by Kershaw County 911 to respond to a reported cargo train derailment off US 601 southbound towards Elgin on the CSX rail line. Lugoff crews arrived in the area to find several cargo train cars derailed including a locomotive, hopper cars, and hazardous material tanker cars.  Lugoff crews surveyed immediate neighboring residential areas and commercial properties for damage and indications of any immediate threats from the derailment. A preliminary total of 12 of the 18 total units in the train had derailed including one of the two locomotives. Major damage to the track had also occurred. One of the hopper rail cars derailed and caused damage to the Kenco Storage Warehouse near the CSX rail line. No injuries have been reported and no hazardous materials are leaking as of 5 AM from the tanker cars being monitored by fire crews. Some diesel fuel was leaking from the derailed locomotive and crews were attempting to contain the leak to the immediate area. All railroad crossings are open and no traffic issues are reported. No evacuations have been necessary with the exception of the Kenco Storage Warehouse damaged by the derailed rail car. There is no immediate threat to the area as of 5 AM and crews are awaiting the arrival of CSX clean-up crews. Lugoff Fire-Rescue crews, Columbia Fire Haz-Mat 1, Kershaw County Emergency Management, Kershaw County Sheriff’s Department, Kershaw County Special Operations, and Kershaw County EMS are all on scene. The Command Post and staging area are located in the parking lot of the SC ENT Office on US 601 with the Lugoff Battalion Chief serving as Incident Command. An area for media has been reserved in the parking lot. Lugoff crews have deployed its LMTV military vehicle to access the rail line in the wooded and difficult to access area surrounding the derailment transporting emergency personnel to the scene. The CSX Railroad Police are on scene investigating the cause of the derailment with the train Engineer and Conductor. Crews will be staging in the area and continuously monitoring the derailed cars for any further dangers as CSX crews begin the clean-up process. An AMTRAK passenger train was also staged indefinitely at the Camden AMTRAK depot until further directions could be confirmed by CSX and AMTRAK due to the rail line being impassable from the derailment damage.

Contact Chief Dennis Ray at (803)530-5419 for further information and updates. Updated press releases shall be distributed as more information is obtained.

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