#TrainingMondays | Mentoring


This submission for #TrainingMondays comes from Michael Prete of Task Force 1 Inc. In this video, Prete touches on some of the basics and most fundamental parts of mentoring, focusing on the importance ...

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#TrainingMondays | Treat ’em Like Dogs


Today’s #TrainingMondays submission comes to us from Chief Ron Richards, President of Task Force 1 inc. Be sure to check out Task Force 1’s website for some more awesome content. ...

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Carolina Motorcycle Safety Guide


Since Fall is in the air, many motorcyclists will be heading out to festivals across the Carolinas. As always, its important to keep our riders safe, and educated about potentially ...

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#TrainingMondays | Landing Zone Safety


This submission for #TrainingMondays comes from Ryan Mason, publisher of Heliweb Magazine. A healthy reminder to first responders about the dangers of landing zone security happened in the early hours of ...

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