UPDATED: Latest forecast track brings Matthew closer to East Coast


UPDATE: 10/3/16 1700 Hours

A westerly track continues on the latest forecast track as seen in the below graphic posted by the National Hurricane Center.


South Carolina- SConFire.com has linked a few blogs and sources that have been found to be very accurate in providing weather scenarios. This does not in anyway support the information provided however is given as a tool for anyone wanting additional information.  Please follow all direction provided by local and state authorities as this situation unfolds. Hurricane Matthew could prove to be nothing to the State of South Carolina or could be lots of rain and wind or even worse. Stay up to date on information that is being provided. Start making plans now and not later.

New 11am NHC track. Winds 140mph, pressure 941mb, moving North at 6mph. Models trending some to the west the past 12 hours… something to watch for sure. Anyone from Florida to Maine could be impacted. Personally I believe Florida should be more in the cone based on recent runs. Question is how strong the high is in the Atlantic as it could push Matthew more west than thought the past few days. And Invest 98 popped up in the Atlantic. Could it push the high more and help push Matthew westward? Lots to watch the next several days. Many players… See everything on Matthew and the weather at www.spaghettimodels.com.

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